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Bancs et pyramide

The artwork

This work is located at the exit of the bus station, on a space called a Mastaba.

The benches and the black pyramid was originally part of an architectural ensemble included in the project Head's Defense by Émile Aillaud. The Great Arch of Spreckelsen will replace, however, the project, and only will survive these few items.

The artist

French architect born in Mexico city on January 18, 1902, Émile Aillaud will study architecture and Beau-Arts at the end of which it will be distinguished in particular by the realization of the pavilion of elegance at the Universal Exhibition of 1937. The post-war period and the enormous need for social housing would provide the opportunity to distinguish itself as one of the representatives determinants of the new architecture.

With a predilection for rounded lines and a wide palette of colors, it will introduces a poetic dimension in the production of large housing complexes.

Died in 1988 at the age of 86 years, it remains one of the last great architects of the Twentieth century in the same way as Le Corbusier.

Bancs et pyramide
Axe de La Défense