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Banc public

The artwork

The artwork of the French artist Lilian Bourgeat (1970) feeds the collective imagination. It takes all its sense in taking the viewer into a poetic apprehension of the world around them. This is to bring to bear a different attention on an ordinary object, in an attempt to extract and to shed light on this, as it contains wonderful. Take this object to the banal, the usual, out of context. Then bring on him a great deal of attention in the expanding, changing of scale. Finally back wisely in this world where it has been extracted. This allows you to wear on him and on his surroundings another look and finally to increase its reality, and make it extraordinary. The viewer is often an integral part of the device, it activates it. He becomes the revealer of the extraordinary.

The artwork Banc Pulbic (2009-2018) is a bench, subject to the banal of our daily rhythm usually our gardens, parks and streets. Magnified 2.5 times the original and reinstated in the public space, it causes an interaction between the object, the landscape and the spectator. The latter can become an actor and take on the functionality of the object by sitting on the bench. This effort is responsive to all the senses, it is the experience of a sense of grandeur, of repositioning, scaling of the world around us : the landscape is poetic. The desired scale of magnification gives the Bench the ability to blend in with the urban landscape.

Banc public
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