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Araignée rouge

The artwork

This imposing sculpture (stabile in the words of its author, as opposed to mobiles) steel weighs 75 tonnes to a height of 15 meters. She referred to a famous work of the same artist, " the Spider ", which is located in Chicago.

Installed in 1976, the year of the death of the artist, who selects the location of the place of La Défense, it resonates now as a powerful tribute to his great creator.

The artist

Both sculptor and painter, born in Philadelphia in 1898, Alexander Calder has long had a passion for the theme of the circus up to find inspiration for a performance that has become famous : the cirque Calder.

He had the genius to transform a sheet into a work of art and a tin bird. He was able to make the link between surrealism, abstract art and some research the more modern for which he made the figure of the avant-garde.

Araignée rouge
Axe de La Défense