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After Olympia

The artwork

Anthony Caro performed this monumental work (23 meters long) steel rusty nail following a trip to Greece in 1985, drawing on the pediment of Zeus, in Olympia, of which it respects the composition triangle, and the layout of simple shapes. From 16 June 2006 to 18 February 2007, the Epad supported the work at the Rodin museum for a presentation in the courtyard of the hotel Biron. On his return to The Defence, the work of the Cnit kept his fitness up. It wasn't until may 2010 that the work regains its original location behind the Cnit.

In the framework of its restoration, and not to be in the grip of a construction site of the tower at Trinity, this original location of the work is changed temporarily in August 2014 in favor of a location in front of the tower EDF. The work is then hosted at a permanent location, on the Square in front of The Defence, since Sunday, February 7, 2016.

The artist

Consider throughout the world as one of the masters of abstract sculpture, Caro has, however, started with traditional methods of modelling and cast in bronze until in the years 60. Born in 1924 in England, a trip to the United States will guide permanently of her work to the assembly of beams and industrial metal, as well as other materials, such as silver, wood or paper, for designs that will become purely abstract.

After Olympia
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