Arc déplacé [Displaced bow] - Christine O’Loughlin

The artwork

For an exhibition on urban art, the Epad has made a call to Christine O'loughlin to make a break art on the lawn of the Place of La Défense.

With a simple cut, and moving an arc of a lawn 22 meters of diameter, O'loughlin has managed the feat to propose to the next game report "positive / negative", creating a disturbance aesthetic and playful.

The artist

Born in 1948 in Melbourne, Australia, Christine O'loughlin worked in Paris since 1979. It uses the environment as a sculptural material according to a "poetics of displacement", highlighted by the philosopher Yves Michaux.

In his installations, the work of the form is guided by an approach in which the idea is imposed on the material. By a game of displacement and staging existing items, it offers us an approach to the real strength the eye and asks question.