Jules Verne bus terminal

The Jules Verne Terminal is a bus station located in the heart of La Défense and close to the interchange hub (RER A, Metro Line 1, T2, SNCF lines L and J).

It welcomes all types of public transport services by coach :

  • regular public bus lines with agreements with Ile-de-France Mobilités and running to the west of the Paris region (Les Mureaux, Mantes la Jolie, Vernon, Orgeval, Verneuil, Suresnes, ...);
  • company shuttles to the tertiary buildings located near La Défense;
  • National routes operated by different carriers.

Access to the Jules Verne Terminal

  • From the Parvis
    The entrance to the terminal is located next to the La Défense police station, close to Calder's Red Spider.

This access is closed in the evening from 9:00 pm and all day on Sundays.

  • From the transport hub
    If you come by public transport, you can take the RER A, Metro Line 1, T2, SNCF L and J lines which serve the La Défense Grande Arche stop. Then follow the signs and take exit 6: Coupole-Regnault.

How else could I come?

Cycling in Paris La Défense

How to come and where to cycle?

For those who are a few years late, be aware that, since 2015, bicycles are allowed on the territory! As time goes by, bikes and pedestrians have found common ground and share the public space. From now on, electric scooters will be added to the equation. An overview of the situation! ### Cycling in Paris La Défense It's no secret that Paris La Défense was not designed for cycling! In fact, La Défense is the largest pedestrian area in Europe and when you say pedestrian area, you mean priority for pedestrians! Certain rules must therefore be observed to ensure that all the different modes of travel on the pedestrian area (bicycles, scooters) can coexist. In order to promote a virtuous cohabitation between all the users of the slab, it is essential that everyone circulates with respect for others and the particularities of the site. This is the aim of the "Love Story on the Square" communication campaign launched by Paris La Défense. This campaign is accompanied by a [Peace and Love Story sur le Parvis best practice guide](https://parisladefense.com/en/les-bons-gestes). Its aim is to set out [the rules of good conduct](https://parisladefense.com/en/les-bons-gestes) for pleasant and safe travel and to encourage respectful sharing in the public space. Paris La Défense is not stopping there and is developing a [2023/2027 cycling plan](https://parisladefense.com/en/pld-cycling-plan) to launch, in particular, a program to improve cycling discontinuities. But that's not all! Other actions are also underway to better identify bicycle access to La Défense and offer more services: * develop secure parking facilities (more than 600 spaces already available in local parking lots), * develop the bike arches, * deployment of new signage to improve cycle routing, * develop the care and maintenance services. For the moment, Paris La Défense offers a secure, public car park with more than 2000 bicycle racks. ----- ## To go further [Pedestrian zones](https://parisladefense.com/en/access/pedestrian-map-and-routes-pedestrian) ║ [Coming by public transport](https://parisladefense.com/en/access/transports/) ║ [Coming by car](https://parisladefense.com/en/access/car) ║ [Scooter riding](https://parisladefense.com/en/access/scooter-riding) ║ [Access for people with reduced mobility](https://parisladefense.com/en/access/prm)

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Access for people with reduced mobility

Access for people with reduced mobility

**Good to know - tips & tricks.** **For wheelchair users**, the recommended routes are marked by the blue signs with the associated pictogram. **On the recommended routes**, the gradients can be steep and care must be taken with regard to the spacing between the slabs of the forecourt.
*For people who use a manual wheelchair, certain passages may present difficulties and require accompaniment.* **Parkings** The car parks at La Défense have reserved spaces for PRMs. Find out more about the services: [www.parkingsparisladefense.fr](https://www.parkingsparisladefense.fr) **LOWER TICKET DISPENSERS** **Faubourg de l'Arche** : CNIT, at the exit place Carpeaux, Crédit Mutuel.
**La Défense axis. * CC 4 Time, level 1 (slab level), LCL ;
* in front of Castorama, Société Générale ;
* 7 place de La Défense, HSBC ;
* in front of the Espace Info Défense, CIC and Caisse d'Epargne ;
* near the church of Our Lady of Pentecost, BNP.
**Valmy**: Cours Valmy, Societe Generale.
**Boieldieu**: Tower W, Société Générale.
**Michelet**: Cours Michelet, Societe Generale.
**Reflections**: shopping mall, AXA.
**ACCEPT TRANSPORTATION from the slab** **Access to the Gare Cœur Transport RATP and SNCF station** :
* Elevator exit A - Grande Arche.
* Elevator exit F - Calder / Miró.
* By the CNIT.
* By the 4 Times. * **Access to the T2 tramway** :
* Go to Place Carpeaux, cross the CNIT or take the ramp along the CNIT (left of the entrance). An RATP lift takes you directly to the T2.
platform. **Access to the Jules Verne Terminal (buses and coaches)** :
* By the elevator at the bottom of the carousel (to Calder's Red Spider).
* By the Heart Station Transport
* Outside station opening hours (weekdays after 9pm, and Sundays and public holidays), go through the avenue Albert Gleizes in Courbevoie (at the foot of the Total Coupole tower).
**Access to Esplanade de La Défense station - Metro line 1** :
* Access to the Esplanade metro platforms line 1: from the Axe de La Défense, walk along the Takis basin and take the lift just before the footbridge.
* Access to the RATP ticket hall and shops.
* Attention, this access does not allow you to get to the subway platform Line 1 !
From the Michelet district, take the passage under the Acacia Tower, cross the road and access the Ticket Hall by the ramp on the left.
**ACCESS THE CITIES FROM THE SLAB** **Access to Puteaux**
* By the neighborhood Degrees :
-' Crossing the 4 Times on the way to Darty ;-'... -' Leave the centre by taking the ramp of the passage du Couchant (Nanterre Gate) ;
-' Crossing the Square of Degrees.
* By the district Boieldieu :
-' Public elevators at the foot of the Boieldieu residence - access avenue Jean Moulin ;
-' Access to the Louis Pouey street passing by the Louis Pouey residence.
* By the Villon district :
-' Public elevators at the right of the Ile-de-France building, towards the Eve tower (Villon district) - access rue Paradis ;
-' Public elevator at the right of the Ile-de-France building, towards the Ariane tower - access rue Lefoullon.
* By the neighborhood Michelet :
-' Public lift after the footbridge from Les Vignes to Rue de la République ;
-' Public elevator after the footbridge from the Orme to Bellini street.
**Access to Courbevoie**
* By the Faubourg de l'Arche district :
-' Towards the Avenue de l'Arche, head towards the Leonardo da Vinci University pole then take the two public elevators to Courbevoie.
* By the district Coupole - Regnault :
-' By the Jules Verne Terminal, lift in front of Calder's Red Spider ;
-' By the elevator behind the Total Tower. -' By the elevator behind the Total Tower. * By the district Corolles / Reflections towards the Vosges district :
-' Crossing the Corolles district on the way to the Dexia tower ;
-' Borrowing the gateway of the Reflections ;
-' Take the ramp on the left of the Monge Tower. * From the Iris district to the Alsace district :
-' Towards allée Sainte Odile: take the Alsace footbridge to the Prisma tower, then the public elevator on the left ;
-' Towards rue Louis Blanc: take the Iris footbridge to the tower Les Miroirs (Saint-Gobain), then the lift on the right.
* By the neighborhood Seasons :
-' Cross the Place des Saisons then take the elevator to the right of Avenue du Général Audran. Access to Nanterre (terraces of the Arche)
* Cross the Valmy district to Société Générale.
* Take the elevator on the right, before the car ramp, to the rue des Longues Raies.
**Circulate easily from one neighborhood to another FROM THE SLAB** **Access to the Boieldieu district. * Access to the Terrasses Boieldieu
(entrances of towers W, PB5, Franklin): cross the 4 Times from the "Porte de Paris" entrance to the "Porte de Puteaux" (opposite). Follow the signs PB5.
* Access to the Boieldieu Gardens (local shops): cross the Villon district towards the Eve Tower, take the "Jean Moulin" footbridge. * Between the Boieldieu gardens level and the Boieldieu terrace level: take the Z ramp (attention: the slope is quite steep).
Unaccompanied commitment is not recommended. **Elevator access to the Reflections district** :
* Coming from the Esplanade: pass by the CB 21 tower, cross the Iris district, continue towards the pharmacy, take the lift from the Reflets 2.
car park. * Coming from the Grande Arche: cross the Corolles district passing under the Lorraine residence, go towards the Vision 80 residence, take the lift in the Reflets 1 car park. Exit at the level " DB " (low slab).
**Elevator access to the Michelet district :**
* Access to the Michelet district from the slab: take the lift from the Michelet 1 car park, in the courtyard of the Galileo building (opposite the Sofitel).
**Access to the Bellini district (Bellini terrace)** :
From the slab: there is no access by elevator.
* From the Michelet district: take the Orme footbridge and then the public lift to the road level (Puteaux, rue Bellini). A ramp leads from rue Bellini to the Bellini terrace. * From Neuilly-sur-Seine: cross the Neuilly bridge on the left (Puteaux side), go straight on the pedestrian crossing. A ramp gives access from the rue Bellini to the Bellini terrace. ----- ## To go further [Pedestrian zones](https://parisladefense.com/en/access/pedestrian-map-and-routes-pedestrian) ║ [Coming by public transport](https://parisladefense.com/en/access/transports/) ║ [Coming by car](https://parisladefense.com/en/access/car) ║ [Cycling](https://parisladefense.com/en/access/bicycle/) ║ [Scooter riding](https://parisladefense.com/en/access/scooter-riding)

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