Scooters in La Défense: regulations, hotspots and parking areas

Scooter riding in Paris La Défense

No more blisters on your feet! Lime self-service electric scooters have joined the 31 hectares of pedestrian areas in the Paris La Défense district. A real social phenomenon, this new urban mobility solution is taking over the streets of all major French cities. Designed to facilitate your journeys on short routes along the territory, the arrival of electric scooters follows the call for projects "Glisse Urbaine" launched in 2018 by the public establishment.

Lime, a self-service electric scooter rental company that is popular throughout the world, offers a flexible urban sliding service. A fleet of around 170 electric scooters allowing flexible and economical travel while reducing the carbon footprint! Lime also provides free distribution of helmets.

There are 1,000 of you using Lime's electric scooters! So if you haven't done so already, just load up the application, locate your scooter and go!

As for parking these scooters, don't panic! Paris La Défense has defined "hotspots", i.e. grouping stations with 10 to 30 clearly identifiable scooters, located at flow points in the district. And on the other hand, "no parking" zones where parking is prohibited. The objective? To ensure optimum cohabitation between pedestrians, cyclists and users by establishing good habits and regulating the practice. In addition, in order to avoid the anarchic parking of scooters in public spaces, Paris La Défense has planned everything and is setting up a patrol responsible for replacing poorly parked scooters every day.