Events at La Défense

The Bassin Takis: a prestige scenario

With its 49 spring-perched lights, the Takis Bassin is a flagship site of La Défense. Located on the historic axis, it offers a 360 ° view of the first European business district and an unobstructed view of Paris. On one side the Grande Arche, on the other the Arc de Triomphe and in the middle the Bassin Takis...

Striking effect guaranteed! Its elegance and privileged viewpoint make it a "prestige" place, the ideal location to organize your art exhibitions, shootings, fashion shows... This space gives unparalleled visibility to all your events. The tables set up on the steps of the basin are very popular with employees and residents during lunch break.

The advantages

  • a place of prestige
  • a breathtaking view
  • high attendance

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